Normal Wear & Tear


You just realize you're at the end of your lease on that vehicle you wanted and it's time to turn it in. Everyone who has leased a vehicle knows that now is when you pay for all of the things you put off, like keeping it scratch and stain free. Every scratch and ding will cost you money. More than likely your lease will become someone else's new used car. So, your dealer will pick apart your lease looking for every way they can save money by charging you for "reconditioning."  You are now scrambling to DYI what you deem "normal wear and tear" hoping to afford getting dinged on the return. The dealership looks at the car and comes up with millions of things to charge you for because this and that is beyond "normal wear and tear". Your definition and the dealer's definition of "normal wear and tear" could not be further apart. Rest assured there is a remedy to fix this anxiety. A professional detailer will become your best friend. They will restore, enhance, and protect your vehicle so you can turn in your lease with no worries. To better maintain the appearance of your vehicle, you should see your detailer as often as you change the oil. This will insure that your vehicle stays looking its best and minimizes "normal wear and tear." 

Brandon HenryComment