Express Slate - Interior Only

$70 Cars / $90 SUV & TRUCKS

Our Express Interior Slate was created for vehicles that don't require a full deep interior detail but a quick refresh.  Interior carpet and mats are vacuumed as well as the trunk area (When accessible). Interior doors, dash, and panels are cleaned, then protected with a UV blocking, non-greasy dressing. This service is similar to our Interior Slate but DOES NOT include carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, stain removal, or headliner cleaning.  


Interior Slate - Level 1

$125 CARS / $150 SUV & TRUCKS

Rejuvenate your interior with our Level 1 interior service. We clean your interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris. Dash, Doors, and Interior Plastics are protected with a UV-blocking conditioner.  Carpets and Mats are shampooed/steamed to remove stubborn stains. Cloth seats are shampooed/steamed or leather seats are cleaned with a leather cleaner and then conditioned. The trunk and spare tire areas are cleaned (When accessible).


Interior Slate - Level 2

$175 CARS / $200 SUV & TRUCKS

With our Level 2 interior service, we deep clean your interior to remove any dirt, debris and malodors. This service is great for vehicles that have taken on water, mold/mildew issues, or very neglected interiors. This service includes everything in the Level 1(shampoo and steaming of seats, carpets, and mats) as well as by hand cleaning of headliner and an ozone treatment to remove malodors. The trunk and spare tire areas are cleaned (When accessible).